Skincare line made out of traditional Korean medicine

June 28, 2016

skincare line made out of traditional Korean medicine


Asian culture increasingly seizes our environment, and of course in the world of beauty could not be left behind, and that its impact is such that some products of Korean brands are already making a revolution.

It is no myth that many Asian skin is definitely enviable, is that the care they give to it is extreme; in fact, its importance is such that today there are many cosmetics that are revolutionizing the world of beauty; and one of the leading pioneers in this category are the Koreans, who have launched an endless array of products especially for skin care.


Masks, moisturizers and makeup are just some of the star items that the following Korean brands have decided to implement in their line of beauty cosmetics.


The appearance of the skin is one of the main criteria of beauty, and throughout the history of mankind in the East and West, women have persisted in their efforts to be more beautiful caring for your skin

Today has been a rapid advancement in functional cosmetics, plastic surgery and various devices for skin care. The industry aims to slow the aging process and keep skin young, currently growing at a rate of 11% annually. Moreover, the market for medical devices for skin care, is expected to grow at a rate of 7.4% until 2017.


Many women are willing to pay high prices hoping to get a firm and silky smooth skin and as part of their daily routine for skin care, use expensive cosmetics that block UV rays, regenerate and reduce wrinkles. Many women also undergo procedures such as elevations of certain parts of the face with injections, Botox, wrinkle fillers, implants, cosmetic surgery, fat and even hormonal and stem cell injections in the name of beauty.


The abundance of these products and procedures clearly reflect the desire of human beings tend to seek youth as we age, but most are superficial and do not help restore systems to make the skin glow with vitality.


The strengths of the Korean cosmetics from my point of view are its effects on the skin, its care and well-studied design and good price. Besides the facial care routine is much more complex than traditional, sometimes reaching up to 10 steps of different products.


Compared with Western cosmetics, Korean cosmetics is well advanced in the fields of biotechnology innovation and the use of natural ingredients, fusing them with Korean ancestral ingredients (known as "Hanbang," or Korean traditional medicine).


To this we must add the immense pressure and competition that exists in this country to be the best brand and sales leader. While new brands are out at the speed of light, the brand that are already established should strive to remain at their post. This is evident in the final product.


A funny thing is that my clients complain because they change too quickly products, the removed or renewed.  Innovate or die is the slogan of Korea!

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