TKM-Based Skin Immunology: An Effective Approach to Skin Care

June 24, 2016


TKM-Based Skin Immunology: An Effective Approach to Skin Care

In today’s world, skin care is indispensable to our well-being and health. That in itself isn’t surprising. Many people regard the skin as the gateway to the soul - the inner self. It comes as no surprise that there are many skin-care oriented companies out there and others are mushrooming each year. Nonetheless, it is inarguable that skin care is good for our overall health and wellbeing.

Notwithstanding great milestones made in the skincare industry, there are skin ailments that still bug scholars and doctors alike. The problem is that they keep recurring despite continued medication. Eczema and psoriasis are two prime examples. What seems to be wrong? Modern approaches to the treatment of these diseases have proven to be ineffective in the treatment of these diseases. They tend to remedy the symptoms rather than treat the disease itself. How? Modern medicine kills the bacteria that cause the illness. When the drug wears out, the bacteria come back posing a serious threat of a vicious cycle.

What is Skin Immunology?

Researchers at the Jarvis Cosmetics Inc. found out that a compromise in the functionality of the skin, which allows invasion of microbes, is the leading cause of most skin diseases. The invading bacteria are attacked by the cells of our immune system which causes certain signs like inflammation, redness and itching sensation to the skin. Sometimes, the immune response can be so severe that the site of infection remains as a scar.

The infection of micro organisms and the reaction of the immune cells can happen in any part of the body leading to skin disorders. The cause of most skin disease is, therefore, due to weakened immune system that is not able to defend the infectious microbes. Unbalanced blood circulation is one factor that promotes a weakened immune system.

News flash: there is a new approach that promises to get rid of the problem, once and for all. Skin immunology, the innovative way to treat skin diseases, isn’t that new. Boosting immune system has always been the intent of the world of medicine. But the new method employs a fresher technique: Traditional Korean Medicine.

What is Traditional Korean Medicine?

Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) is a centuries-old approach to treatment and healing of myriad ailments. It is a science as well as an art that encompasses a broad spectrum of traditional East Asian herbal medicine to treat illnesses and improve health. From acupuncture to traditional herbal medicine, TKM is more of a holistic approach to health than medicine in itself. In fact, TKM shares over 80% of ideology, approach, and techniques with Chinese Medicine and Japanese Medicine.

TKM ingrains the philosophy of healthy mind-body connection. It borrows a leaf from the fact when the body and mind are intrinsically connected; we derive numerous benefits including improved immune system. That in itself is the inherent reason why Skin Immunology integrates Traditional Korean Medicine.

Why TKM-Based Skin Immunology?

100% Natural

In TKM, only completely natural extracts are used. Ingredients in skin care creams based on TKM are sourced from various plants, flowers, lichens, fungus, seaweeds, and other herbs found in East Asia. There is no apparent need for additives as these herbs have been proven to be effective on their own. As an approach from antiquity, TKM-based companies have developed an ingenious way of extracting active ingredients from these herbs.


According to Traditional Korean Medicine, longevity and health have an undeniable association with a delicate balance between yang and yin. As we age, this balance to vacillate causing health complication including skin problems such as wrinkles. The holistic practice of TKM is bound to lessen, if not reverse, the effects of aging.

If you are looking to bring back your youthful skin, over the counter drugs aren’t going to cut. You need a holistic approach that not only gets rid of harmful bacteria but also keep them at bay for good. TMK based skin immunology regimes promise to maintain the fine balance of yin and yang at allowable levels.

Nourishment creams like those manufactured by Jarvis Cosmetics are poised to do just that. While they aren’t magical pills, they leverage the holistic TKM approach to maintaining optimum skin immune system. In all, they hydrate, protect, and improve the look of your skin.

Other Benefits

Such TKM-based serums or creams have several other advantages. They comprise potent antioxidants and other micronutrients that are indispensable to the health of your skin. Antioxidants, for one, are potent agents that reduce amount of free radicals in the skin. Free radicals, on their side, have been established to damage skin and cause myriad other ailments.

Vitamin C and advanced encapsulated peptides found in TKM are very instrumental in the enhancement of skin tone, brightening of visible skin dullness, and removal of skin discoloration.

Benefits of TKM-based skin immunology in skin care are innumerable. And they have not gone unnoticed. Jarvis Cosmetics, a world leader in TKM-based solutions, have come up ingenious skincare products that span the entire industry. Their line of serums and creams promises not only to boost your skin immunology but also your general well-being and health.

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