An Introduction to Korean Herbal Medicine  

It has been in practice since 5000 years with a rich collection of over 7000 herbs that are documented.

 Among the 7000 herbs listed in Korean Pharmacopoeia around 700 herbs are the most commonly used in Korean Herbal Medicine.

 Medicinal herbs that are listed in the Korean pharmacopoeia can be broadly classified on the basis of its two qualities: temperature and taste.

 These two properties have the potential to influence the balance between yin and yang in our body.

 Since most herbs do not possess only a single characteristic, they are used in combination to achieve the desired effect.  Herbal formulations are taken as pills, tablets, concoctions or concentrated tea.  They are customized and formulated to treat a wide range of diseases of a single patient.


Based on TKM and its efficiency in promoting a holistic nourishment to the body, Jarvis Cosmetics with its wide range of personal care products aims to stimulate the body’s immune system. Formulated with all naturally available Korean Herbs and essential oils, Jarvis Skin care system generates a healthy balance between yin and yang, thereby maintaining the natural physiology of your skin and promoting vibrantly beautiful natural skin tone.


According to TKM health and longevity has an indisputable relationship with a fine balance of yin and yang. The process of ageing disturbs this balance leading to loss of health. Jarvis Cosmetics are designed keeping this in mind. The special formulation provides the daily nourishment required to maintain a healthy and youthful skin by promoting a balance between yin and yang.


Traditional Korean Medicine which is more than a thousand-year-old practice has a unique approach on treatment of disease. It has a philosophy that is based on holistic approach of keeping the mind and body healthy by balancing both the internal and external environment.

When the mind and body are in harmony health and wellness follows on its own.

Western vs. Eastern

TKM believes that many diseases are curable through nature.   This can be achieved by improving your health condition which at the same time improves your immune system.

Western medicine focuses on and studies the symptoms of diseases.

For example: when you are suffering from a skin infection, western medicine studies the bacteria that causes it and finds the chemical to kill or get rid of the bacteria. So when you stop using medication, the bacterial infection comes right back.

If you are sick or infected with a microorganism, doctors will prescribe antibiotics - because antibiotic is an agent that kills microorganisms by inhibiting their growth.   But when you stop using medications, the bacterial infection will resurface.

Many cases have also shown that taking too much medicine has its own side effects, which are unhealthy for your body.

Traditional Korean Medicine is different from Western Medicine. First, they use 100% natural herbs for treatment. Instead of studying the symptoms, they research different ways to keeps you healthy by studying Immunology. So, when you are infected with bacteria, instead of killing the bacteria, they use TKMs to boost your immune system. When your immune system is at its peak level, your white cell become strong enough to fight off bacteria. This helps you improve your health and maintain a good and strong healthy body. A healthy body is not the environment that harmful bacteria can thrive on. Jarvis Cosmetics used the TKM theory to find solutions for different skin conditions.


After many years of research and testing, we have finally came up with the serum and cream that will benefit everyone who wants to maintain and improve their skin’s immune system. Improving the skin’s immune system is a very important factor in the skin care industry because by improving skin immune system, pre much you are protected from diseases, and  slows your down from aging.  Jarvis Cosmetics is the first to introduce new theory called skin immunology only true way to delay the effects of aging on your skin and prevent you from getting infections. Our products have the ingredients that can help achieve this effect.


Jarvis Cosmetics is not a medicine - it is a serum and cream that was developed to improve your skin’s immune system. Our product contains about 90% Natural Korean Medicine. It contains herbs that were used by members of the Korean Royal Family back in ancient times. These herbs have been proven to be effective for more than 5000 years. The essence of the herbs are extracted and put through a process of fermentation which increases their effectiveness by 1000%. Our product clearly shows that the TKM theory is effective in improving the skin’s immune system. Our clinical trials have shown that 98% of the people who suffer from bacterial skin infection were very pleased with the results of our products. We have trademarked Skin Immunology Innovation as the theory behind our product, and soon, this theory will change the direction of the skin care industry.

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